Sunday, 3 January 2010

Map Skills Assessment

All year 7 pupils have to complete an assessment whereby they draw an A3 map of their route to school.

The map needs to include key features such as:

Compass Rose
Map Synbols and Key
Grid Lines
It could show land height
The route to school needs to be clearly marked on

All of the A3 paper provided needs to be covered. The work needs to be neatly presented as this is an important assessment.

Alongside the map pupils need to write a detailed description of their route to school.

If you have any questions, please come and see your Geography Teacher.

Good luck.

Hurricane Assignment

All year 8 pupils have to undertake the task of producing an annotated sketch map of Cyclone Nargis May 2008.

The format for this piece of work is as follows:

You must have a sketch map showing the route of the cyclone in the centre of your A3 paper. (This MUST be hand drawn) - you can access lots of maps online for you to base your sketch on.

You then muct inlcude the following information around your sketch map (HAND WRITTEN):

a) how the cyclone formed
b) a written description of the track of the cyclone
c) facts about the cyclone intensity

d) information on the effects of the cyclone (you could categorise this further into social, economic and environmental)

e) information on how the areas affected coped with the cyclone - what did the people do?

f) information on what the countries have done to try and reduce the damage of future cyclone events

In any gaps on the paper you can print of images from the internet and stick them on.

This piece of work is an important assessment and so it is vital that it is completed to the highest standard.

If you need any further help please come and see your Geography Teacher

Good Luck.

Friday, 28 August 2009


Huge congratulations to all Geography students sitting examinations this summer.
You have all done incredibly well and I am very pleased for you.

A2: 2 A grades, 5 B grades

AS: 2 A grades, 4 C grades, 2 D grades, 2 E grades

GCSE?: 1 A* grade, 11 A grades, 7 B grades, 10 C grades,
7 D grades, 1 E grade, 3 F grades, and 1 G grade

I am very pleased with these results. All your hard work has paid off - Well done all.